Southern Indiana man dies while handcuffed due to unknown causes

INDIANA – At the request of the Harrison County Sheriff, the Indiana State Police are investigating after a southern Indiana man died after being handcuffed early Thursday morning.   

Around 3 a.m. Thursday morning, Officers from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department responded to a residence on Fey Drive NW in Corydon after the homeowner called 911, reporting 43-year-old Jessie Frank Harris was on their back patio acting strangely. The homeowner noted that although Harris had recently resided at the house, he was no longer allowed on the property. 

Once officers arrived on the scene, they observed Jessie Harris acting erratic and odd. Officers attempted to secure Harris for safety concerns by placing him in handcuffs. As officers placed Harris in handcuffs, he seemed to have a medical complication and collapsed.  Emergency medical personnel were called and immediately rushed Jessie Harris to the Harrison County Hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.   

An autopsy was performed Thursday morning at the Harrison County Hospital; however, doctors observed no apparent physical cause of death. Although toxicology results in the investigation are still pending, investigators believe drugs may be a factor in this case.  The family of the deceased has been notified.

This case is still under investigation as ISP detectives continue to conduct interviews and review video recordings of the event. This case will be updated as information becomes available.