Love dove – It’s time to hunt

INDIANA – September is the perfect time to hunt mourning dove.

The season is open from now until October 15, before taking a break and reopening on November 1 through November 26. Hunters can bag 15 birds.

The birds are abundant and can be found in many different places including sparse woodlands, backyards, parks, and even areas heavily inhabited by humans such as cities. They can often be seen on power lines and also frequently feed along the ground in brush.

Dove hunting is the perfect way to fill your freezer with healthy and tasty wild game while enjoying the beauty and warmth of the changing seasons. Its meat is actually very mild and much like any other lesser-cooked dark-fleshed game meat and many say it tastes like the dark meat of chicken.

Dove meat wrapped in bacon.

Be sure to snag your Game Bird Habitat Stamp and hunting license before you head outdoors.

Don’t forget, that some DNR properties may have additional regulations for dove hunting, so be sure to check with the property you’re interested in for more details.

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