North Lawrence Career Center Radio & TV students begin podcast

BEDFORD – The North Lawrence Career Center Radio & TV students have started their podcasting unit.

They are learning interview skills, how to treat guests, when, what, and how to ask questions. They will be interviewing teachers, counselors, and administrators on Thursday and Friday.

These skills will come in handy with the media-oriented trends of today. Knowing how to create a podcast will serve them well.

Today, 144 million people in the U.S. listen to a podcast every month. Nearly thirty percent listen to a podcast every week, and another 40 percent listen monthly, consuming an average of 11 episodes on average while they’re at it.

Radio in 2022 boasted 82% of Americans above the age of twelve listening during a given week. Though this is down from 2020’s 89%, it’s still the majority, and as it looks, radio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

NLCS students will benefit from this taste of a career they might find themselves doing later in life. Wish them luck!