Arrest made when woman throws speaker at boyfriend in front of toddler

BEDFORD – On Saturday, March 18th Lawrence County Central Dispatch received a call from 166 Maple Leaf Road reporting a domestic dispute. 

When Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived they found 31-year-old Chelsea Harris outside of the apartment building. She told police that her boyfriend had shoved her and that she was “going to protect herself by any means necessary”. 

Chelsea Harris

She told police that she and her boyfriend had been fighting all day and she “said anything she could while on the phone with dispatch to get officers to respond”.

An officer stayed outside with Harris while another officer went in to talk to the male involved.

The male told police the two had been fighting constantly. He said Harris had ripped the internet line off the Wi-Fi router out of the wall. Harris did this to keep him from contacting anyone because he does not have cell service without Wi-Fi

He also claimed she threw a speaker at him hitting him in the right forearm causing a small laceration and swelling. She then threw a soda in his face and began striking him on the right side of the head. 

The couple’s 3-year-old child was present during the fight.

The male did admit to shoving Harris in an attempt to escape from her. As he was making his way to the front door, he’s neighbors knocked on the door and he asked them to come inside.

When the neighbors entered Harris said she was going to find a knife and kill him. 

Harris did admit to throwing the speaker at her boyfriend. 

Both refused to sign a battery affidavit. 

Police then spoke to the neighbors who said they could hear Harris yelling and screaming and threatening to kill the male with a knife. The neighbors took the small child to their home across the parking lot from the apartment at that time. The child told police her mommy started the fight.

The boyfriend stated he was concerned about Harris’ drug use. Police did find a glass smoking device in plain sight.

Police requested a search warrant for Harris’ bedroom and her vehicle but the warrant was denied due to not enough probable cause.

Harris was detained on charges of domestic battery, domestic battery in the presence of a child under the age of 16, and intimidation.

The Department of Child Services was alerted and allowed the child to stay with the neighbors for the weekend.