Bedford Park Board vote to reduce initial costs for middle school golfers

BEDFORD – The Bedford Park Board voted Thursday to split up costs required to participate in middle school golf in an effort to attract more students to the program.

Previously, if a middle school student wanted to join the golf team, they would be required to make two payments up front, one of $125 for membership at Otis Golf Course and the other of $150 to utilize the driving range.

After Thursday’s vote from the board, the payments have been divided, with the initial cost to participate now only at $150, instead of the $275 that was previously required. That initial cost will cover the season from March through May. Should a student wish to continue golfing following the season, they’ll be able to pay the remaining membership balance and continue utilizing the course and range.

Middle School Golf Coach Trevis Hutchinson recommended the change to ultimately increase participation, saying he felt the large cost upfront was a deterrent for many parents who worry their kids would not stick with the sport.

“It’s always kind of been a burden on some of the parents and I think it’s held back some of the kids who try to come out because it is a big investment upfront,” he said. “It’s about $300 If they get a locker and then they have to buy their own equipment and their own balls. So you’re looking at the parents, if they’re just starting out, it’s going to cost them upward of $500 just to kind of get going which not all parents can do that.”