Emergency Management urges residents to be prepared before the storm hits

GREENE CO. – Old Man Winter is about to remind us he is still around, said Roger Axe, Director of Greene
County Emergency Management Agency.

And he is advising Greene County residents to be prepared.

Take stock and have plenty of the following on hand; food, fuel for both your vehicle and home, medication, and necessary household supplies, he added.

“In addition, get your errands completed before Wednesday Night so you won’t have to travel when the
snow comes. If you do not have to get out, stay home so you don’t not only put yourself at risk but the rescue responders if you would have trouble traveling,” Axe added. “We are also advising you to park your vehicle facing out of your driveway so you can pull out instead of backing out. That cuts the risk of getting hung up in the snow.

If you must travel keep these items in mind:

• Slow down and adjust travel to conditions, especially on snow-covered roads.
• Never tailgate or drive beside a snowplow, the driver’s visibility may be limited.
• The safest place on the road during a winter storm is behind a snowplow, but if you must
pass, do so carefully.
• Be prepared in case of a crash and becoming stranded; always carry an emergency kit in
your vehicle with food, water, a phone charger, sand or cat litter, flares or bright LED
alternatives, a flashlight, and blankets.
• Keep your vehicle full of gas.
• Keep a shovel in your car to dig out around your tires and your tailpipe if needed.
• Make sure your vehicle battery is strong, fluids are at the appropriate levels, and your
spare tire is properly inflated.
• Don’t forget gas line anti-freeze for your vehicles.

If we get the extreme cold predicted later, consider keeping a small stream of water running in a
sink to keep your pipes from freezing. Don’t forget gas line anti-freeze for your vehicles.
Be especially careful about shoveling snow to avoid heart attacks,” Axe concluded.