Intoxicated driver removed off the roads after numerous reports of erratic driver

MITCHELL – A Texas man was arrested Sunday after a Mitchell Police officer received numerous reports of an erratic driver in a black truck traveling north in the southbound lane on State Road 37. 

While the officers were traveling north on State Road 37 near Hancock Avenue, he spotted the headlights of a parked vehicle on the shoulder of the road, it was the black truck.

Rodolfo Elizondo

The driver of that vehicle was 40-year-old Rodolfo Elizondo, of McAllen, TX. The officer found Elizondo asleep on the steering wheel.

When Elizondo finally rolled down the window and was asked to step out of the vehicle, the officer said Elizondo was confused and didn’t seem to know where he was. He began to roll the window back up and reached for the gear shift. The officers reached into the vehicle and opened the door. Elizondo then exited the truck.

Police say Elizondo was intoxicated, staggering, and smelled of alcohol. He failed sobriety tests and was detained.

Elizondo admitted to having four to five beers at a friend’s house in Bedford.

He was transported to IU Health Hospital for a blood draw those results are pending. While at the hospital Elizondo became both verbally and physically violent and refused to listen to the officer. He was placed back in handcuffs after the blood draw and had to be forcefully restrained. Elizondo was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, OWI refusal, and resisting arrest.