Domestic dispute over child leads to Bedford woman’s arrest

BEDFORD – A Bedford woman was arrested Sunday night after Bedford Police officers responded to a report of a domestic fight in the 100 block of Heltonville Road

The caller, 19-year-old Miriah Lamm, told police she had been battered and her 18-month-old child was with her. 

Miriah Lamm

When officers arrived at 10:06 p.m. they found Lamm standing behind the home waving her arms and yelling.

She told police she had been injured by a male who was inside the home. 

 Officers then entered the home and spoke to two males that were inside.

One of the men said he had been injured by Lamm. He told police there was an argument between him and Lamm over he and his wife having guardianship of Lamm’s child.

The man told police Lamm was yelling and arguing with her boyfriend. She wanted to leave with the child, but she was not allowed to and this made her irate.

He told police Lamm was holding the child while she was screaming and he attempted to take the child from her, at which point she began hitting him with her fists.

The man said Lamm grabbed his shirt, causing him to lose his balance and fall on top of her. Another male was able to get the child from Lamm.

While on the floor, Lamm began hitting him and biting his hand. The other man was able to pull him away from Lamm and he went downstairs and called 911.

The second male in the home confirmed the injured man’s story.

The man signed a battery affidavit and Lamm was detained.

Lamm told police the man got in her face and was arguing with her. She told the man if he hit her, she would hit him back. She says the man grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the couch. She stated that she was holding her child at this time. She told police the other man took her child while she was being choked. She also complained to police of neck pain.

An ambulance arrived at the scene but Lamm refused medical treatment. 

While speaking with Lamm, police could smell alcohol on her breath. She tested positive for alcohol in a preliminary breath test. Police said they had to tell Lamm numerous times to calm down and stop yelling.

Lamm’s boyfriend told police there was a “tussle” but he couldn’t really see what happened, but he did say he didn’t see Lamm being choked.

Lamm was detained on charges of disorderly conduct, illegal consumption, and domestic battery in the presence of a minor. While being escorted to the police vehicle, she continued to yell and scream profanities. 

The child was also checked for injuries at the scene and there were none. The Department of Child Service were contacted after the incident.