Attorney General Todd Rokita reminds parents of available resources for blocking TikTok and other apps

INDIANA – Attorney General Todd Rokita Thursday reminded parents that they have resources available to help them supervise their children’s online activity, including blocking harmful apps such as TikTok.

“Even as we take actions to hold TikTok and other Big Tech companies accountable, we also recognize and respect the primary role of parents in looking out for their kids’ best interests,” Attorney General Rokita said. “We’re here to support Hoosier moms and dads in every way possible.”

In a video Attorney General Rokita discusses protecting Hoosier families from TikTok.

To learn more about monitoring and controlling kids’ activity on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, parents should go to:

For parents of kids using Android devices, the link for Google Play is:

Earlier in December, Attorney General Rokita filed two lawsuits against TikTok related to false claims made by the company about its video-sharing app.

The first lawsuit alleges that TikTok has lured children onto the platform through a variety of misleading representations indicating that the app contains only “infrequent/mild” sexual content, profanity, or drug references — when in reality the app is rife with extreme examples of such material. An essential part of TikTok’s business model is presenting the application as safe and appropriate for children ages 13 to 17.

The second lawsuit asserts that TikTok has reams of highly sensitive data and personal information about Indiana consumers and has deceived those consumers to believe that this information is protected from the Chinese government and Communist Party. 

The White House and members of the Democratic Party may laugh off TikTok’s predatory practices – but it’s the Chinese Communist Party who will get the last laugh off young U.S. consumers.  Attorney General Rokita has led the way in battle after battle against Big Tech overreach. But now an even bigger red flag is reaching right into Americans’ phones.