Woman refuses to comply with officers’ warnings and is arrested

BEDFORD – A Bedford woman is facing a charge of disorderly conduct after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to a domestic disturbance at a home in the 7000 block of State Road 159.

Cindy Carter

When officers arrived they spoke with 51-year-old Cindy Carter who told police she had been physically assaulted by a male in the household.

Police say both Carter and the male allegedly involved were “highly intoxicated”. 

Carter wanted police to remove the male from the home because he was “an annoyance to her”. However, police say Carter would need to file an eviction notice to have the male removed from the property since both claim residency at the home.

 Although officers gave Carter several warnings for her to stop yelling and arguing, she failed to comply.

She was then detained on a charge of disorderly conduct. 

During Carter’s transport to jail, she continued to be unruly.