Numerous firefighters work to extinguish a barn fire Tuesday afternoon

FAYETTEVILLE – A small brush pile fire quickly spread due to dry conditions at a farm located at the intersection of Fayetteville Owensburg and Armstrong Station roads Tuesday.

When Indian Creek Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were alerted to the blaze around 12:10 p.m. they were expecting to find a small field fire, but when they arrived they found a barn fully engulfed in flames. The barn was filled with more than 400 bales of hay. A nearby field was also on fire.

They immediately requested additional manpower and tanker support from Marshall, Oolitic, and Perry Township VFDs.

The caretaker of the farm was able to remove several tractors from other nearby barns, while firefighters battled to contain the blaze preventing it from spreading.

Firefighters set up a dump tank on the property while other firefighters shuttled water to the scene.

Firefighters struggled to extinguish the blaze due to the metal barn being filled with hay. Officials said the fire will burn and smolder for several hours. Smoke from the blaze could be seen for miles.

Fire officials are asking residents to refrain from any open burning due to the dry and sometimes windy conditions.