Finishers announced for the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5k and 1-mile race

BEDFORD – McIntyre Brothers presented this year’s Limestone Capital Half Marathon, a 5K, and 1-mile walk to nearly 400 participants and many onlookers of all ages, including 12 members with Ainsley’s Angels.

Andrew Bayer of Bloomington had the fastest time in the men’s bracket for the Half Marathon, with a time of 1:07:22.28, while Asia Seidt of Peewee Valley, KY finished first in the women’s bracket with a time of 1:24:35.50.

Brycen Long

This year’s top finisher in the 5K was Bedford resident Brycen Long, finishing the race with a time of 20:57.25.

Medals given out to each race participant

“I haven’t run a 5K in a while, and my grandparents helped me register for the race. I just felt like I needed to start running again, and so I did,” said Long.

The Parsons family. From left: Jack, Jamie, Annie, and Michael

The race continues to grow each year, including individuals and families, such as the Parsons family from Bedford, trying to get out to the race and have a great time together.

“It’s nice to get out and come to the event and build on being more active with the kids,” said Michael Parsons. “We are ready to go.”

5K Runners taking off from the starting line

Half Marathon Top Male Finishers

  • Andrew Bayer, 32, Bloomington, IN – 1:07:22.28
  • Jerome Martin, 25, Washington, IN – 1:27:43.49
  • Daniel Coons, 36, Bloomington, IN – 1:30:59.69
5K participants heading up 14th Street by the Milwaukee Depot

Half Marathon Top Female Finishers

  • Asia Seidt, 24, Peewee Valley, KY – 1:24:35.50
  • Chelsea Blanchard, 32, Bloomington, IN – 1:29:36.39
  • Angela Reckelhoff-Mueller, 41, Troy IL – 1:32:19.99

Top Male 5K Finishers

  • Brycen Long, 20, Bedford, IN – 20:57.25
  • Corbin Akin, 14, Bedford, IN – 21:38.80
  • Roger Hall, 54, Springville, IN – 23:42.96
Racers gathering following the race

Top Female 5K Finishers

  • Guinevere Ogburn, 37, Bedford, IN – 26:00.97
  • Irisa Butcher, 33, Springville, IN – 26:31.92
  • Stephanie Williams, 42, Bedford, IN – 26:41.53

One Mile Top Finishers

  • K. Pace, 6, Bedford, IN – 8:21.71
  • T. Akin, 10, Bedford, IN – 8:22.71
  • R. Bilskie, 11, Bedford, IN – 8:26.47
Bedford Mayor, Sam Craig (left) with his Wife Lou Ann, and two of their grandchildren

This event continues to benefit the Bedford Parks Department, which hosts several events throughout the year and continues to help put on the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5K, and 1-mile race, along with the help of great sponsors and community involvement. Full race results can be found at this link.