PACE Health Connection donates over 15,000 feminine products

INDIANA – Pace Health Connection hosted its second annual pad and tampon drive throughout the month of
August and early September.

Donations of tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and sanitary wipes were accepted. Each clinic donated to local schools requesting contributions.

Health Connection considers the event a success and looks forward to next year’s drive and future events to help the community.

Michelle Pitcher

Michelle Pitcher, Clinical Services Director stated, “One-third of females struggled to obtain menstrual hygiene products during the pandemic. We prioritized our pad and tampon drive this year for local schools. Menstrual health products can be costly and unaffordable to some students. We are dedicated to supplying menstrual hygiene products to groups in need.”

The total number of donations between the five clinics in Vincennes, Washington, Sullivan, Terre Haute, and Bedford added to more than 15,049 pads and tampons. Thanks to the efforts of the community and Health Connection, local area schools now have the resources to provide menstrual hygiene products to students that need them for the foreseeable future.