Mitchell Community School board approves Holiday Shop Fundraiser for STEAM/ Collab Labs at Hatfield and Burris Elementary Schools

MITCHELL – The Mitchell Community School board approved a request for the Hatfield and Burris Elementary School Holiday Shop Fundraiser to help fund the STEAM and Collab Labs at the schools.

Keychains made in the STEAM/Collab Labs were made available for MCS Board members

The Holiday Shop will be open from December 5th through 9th for Burris Elementary students and staff, and December 12th through 16th for Hatfield Elementary students and staff.

The shop will be in Mrs. Whit Reed’s STEAM rooms and will be fully put on by the 5th grade who designed the items, and who will make, assemble, package, and price the items. They will also be the workers in the shop, helping students pick items and check them out.

Mrs. Reed

Following the Holiday Shop in December, Mrs. Reed plans to include an online shop for anyone around the United States to purchase items, with similar items available such as in the Holiday Shop. The website should become available in the second semester of the academic school year.

Items will be available for customers to purchase, with over 100 items available to choose from. Students are continuing to learn and enjoy the process of making items in these classes, and are looking forward to making more.