INDOT to study possibilities, connections, and future of Indianapolis’ urban interstates

INDIANA – The Indiana Department of Transportation today introduced ProPEL Indy, an initiative to evaluate I-65 and I-70 inside the I-465 loop to update and maintain those corridors for the future.

With development and growth in the downtown area and surrounding historic neighborhoods, the areas near I-65 and I-70 are transforming. At the same time, portions of I-65 and I-70, excluding the North Split, are nearing the end of their life spans. While the interstate and connecting ramps through the corridor will need future rehabilitation and updates, INDOT wants to ensure those improvements incorporate community vision and priorities and work efficiently with other modes of transportation.

To ensure the community’s needs and goals are being considered, INDOT will rely heavily on input from people who live, work, shop, play, learn, and travel in and near the I-65 and I-70 corridors. Potential improvements will be identified to enhance safety and mobility while also improving connectivity, economic development, and livability.

INDOT is using a process known as a Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PEL) to gather, organize, and analyze information provided by the community.

During the PEL Study, INDOT will look at transportation, environmental, community, and economic goals early in the planning process to ensure that projects are of most benefit to the community. This broad-based study, called: ProPEL Indy – Smarter Transportation, Stronger Communities reflects the importance of public engagement and community involvement.

“ProPEL Indy will explore the art of the possible to repair and replace interstate infrastructure while considering the goals and vision of the community,” INDOT Commissioner Mike Smith said. “This study will facilitate inclusive engagement from a wide-ranging, diverse set of stakeholders. ProPEL Indy will provide recommendations for future projects that account for mobility, safety, and sustainability, as well as community interests, economic development, and quality of life.”

Throughout the study, INDOT will host public town halls, personal interviews, and virtual forums to encourage individuals, businesses, and organizations to share ideas on the future of I-65 and I-70 inside the I-465 loop. Engineers and urban planners will use this input to develop future solutions that combine sound engineering with community support.

INDOT anticipates beginning public meetings in Spring or Summer 2023 with the study to last approximately two years.

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Meanwhile, INDOT is also asking anyone who lives, works, or travels near the corridors to complete a brief online survey about their concerns and priorities using this link: The survey is also available on the project website.