Annual ISA Pistol Competition brought Indiana Sheriff’s Departments together for a day of competition and comradery

LAWRENCE COUNTY – In conjunction with the Indiana Sheriffs Association (ISA) Annual Conference, members from multiple agencies participated in the annual Pistol Competition at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department gun range on August 8th, to kick off the conference held in French Lick on August 9th and 10th.

ISA President Sheriff Jeff Campos of Lagrange County

Indiana Sheriff’s Association President Sheriff Jeff Campos of Lagrange County enjoys the brotherhood within each Sheriff’s Department throughout Indiana and enjoys having a little fun while improving skills at the same time.

“This gets everyone together throughout the state in collaboration, that offers good training while brewing a little competition like today,” Campos said. “The ISA President gets to choose where the annual conference is held, and my wife and I love French Lick, so we chose to hold the conference there, and we know that Sheriff Branham has this nice range and we were able to come out and enjoy it.”

Reviewing the rules of the first event called the El Presidente

The event included Sheriff’s and Deputies from multiple agencies including Lawrence County, Wabash County, Clay County, Vigo County, Stevenson County, Wayne County, Adams County, and Johnson County.

Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham has faired well in this competition over the years, winning the event in 2019, and coming in second in both 2021 and 2022, and knows the event cannot be successful without the range being set up precisely.

“I want to commend Captain Chris Anderson and Deputy Riley Hitchcock for putting together an excellent course of fire for the competition that tested multiple skills under the pressure of time,” said Branham. “And, I want to recognize Detective Logan Smoot and Sergeant Michael Williams for their assistance with running the competition.”

Results form the event include:


  • First Place Sheriff – Randy Retter, Sheriff Wayne County
  • Second Place Sheriff – Mike Branham, Sheriff Lawrence County
  • Third Place Sheriff – John Plasse, Sheriff Vigo County

Sheriff’s Deputies

  • First Place Deputy – Sergeant Michael Williams, Lawrence County
  • Second Place Deputy – Chief Deputy Josh Clarke, Clay County
  • Third Place Deputy – Deputy Scott Davis, Johnson County

Overall Top Gun

  • Sheriff Randy Retter, Wayne County
Participants with their awards. From left: Lawrence County Sergeant Michael Williams, ISA President Sheriff Jeff Campos of Lagrange County, Wayne County Sheriff Randy Retter, and Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham

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