Bedford Redevelopment Commission approves TIF funding for Spider Creek Lift Station project

BEDFORD – The Bedford Redevelopment Commission met to discuss funding and payments to services rendered for multiple projects in town.

Proposed project details for the Spider Creek Lift Station project

The Spider Creek Lift Station project has been in the works for almost 20 years, as the project conversation began during the Joe Klump administration. Klump served as Mayor of Bedford from 2004 to 2008.

During this time, the city has saved funds from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funding to go towards these projects. The commission approved the total of $2 million to go towards the project, to go in coordination to receiving Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative (READI) grant funds for the overall project.

Additionally, the commission approved the payments to Midwestern Engineers for their services rendered for work on the designs for the new Police Station, for a total of $36,500. A payment of $18,835.41 was also approved to Baker Tilley for services related to TIF araes.