City of Bedford approves bids for $19 million Spider Creek Lift Station project

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of Works and Safety have approved bids for the $19 million Spider Creek Lift Station project.

Spider Creek lift station

The city of Bedford has been working towards addressing sanitary sewer overflows since Bedford Mayor Joe Klump’s administration from 2003-2008.

The project will address flooding around the 5th Street area, overflow at the Spider Creek Lift Station area, and provide sanitary sewer upgrades along 22nd Street for a proposed housing project near the former Georges Gateway building.

The city is looking into applying for grants with the Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative (READI) grant cycle. To receive the grant, the bid process had to take place to determine the full price received from the grant.

Proposed construction template for the project

Bids for the Spider Creek Project include:

  • 2.5 million Gallon bolted epoxy coated 110 feet by 37 feet steel tank with accessories – United Industries Group Inc. awarded bid $1,323,950 and $53,900 additional
  • Opening bid for flushing 2.5 million tank – No bids received
  • Bids for one 600 kW, two 125 kW and one 30 kW generator with all piping, foundation, installation, and stainless transfer switch – DEQ Inc. awarded the bid for $369,600
  • Bids for gravity sewer line from 6th Street to O Street – Mitchell and Starks Construction awarded the bid for $1,709,200
  • Bids for forced for 14-inch force main from Spider Creek Lift Station to Denson Avenue – Infrastructure System Inc. awarded bid for $1,034, 075
  • Bids for 25 MGD fine screen system, two 127 horsepower 12-inch pipe discharge submersible pumps, three 188 Horse Power 20-inch pipe discharge submersible pump, and three alternate 150 horsepower discharge with start-up and training – American Pump Services- $1,181,918

The total amount of bids submitted is $5,618,743. The city will need to hold a special meeting on Thursday to receive bids for the flushing of the 2.5 million gallon tank. If the city is not awarded the grant in this cycle, they will need to re-bid the services needed.