Duke Energy offers flexible payment arrangements to help customers manage high cooling costs this summer

INDIANA – The warm days of summer are here, which bring high temperatures and high energy use. Duke Energy offers a variety of flexible payment arrangements and programs to help customers manage their bills.

Budget Billing

Duke Energy’s Budget Billing lets customers pay a predictable amount every month to better manage their budget. The amount is periodically reviewed and adjusted to avoid large settle-ups. Learn more about Budget Billing here.

Pick Your Due Date

With Pick Your Due Date, customers can choose the date they want their Duke Energy bill to be due each month. Pick Your Due Date can give customers even more control over their energy bills. Learn more here.

Track, manage your energy usage

Customers can sign up to receive usage alerts through email and/or text halfway through their billing cycle, well before their bill arrives, with their current usage amount and a projection of what their final monthly bill could be. Customers can also set budget alerts, so they know when their bill reaches a specific dollar amount of their choosing, allowing them to adjust their usage and help save money on their bill.

Installment plans

Installment plans give customers more flexibility to pay a past-due balance over a longer period. Customers can request a few extra days or restructure the past-due balance into a monthly payment plan. Customers should contact Duke Energy Indiana to discuss options available to them by calling 800.521.2232 or visiting us online at duke-energy.com/sign-in.

Other energy-saving programs, tips, and guidance to help customers manage higher energy bills that can result from increased usage are available at duke-energy.com/Summer.