Lawrence County 4-H Fair Pig Scramble full of competition

LAWRENCE COUNTY – The annual Lawrence County 4-H Fair Pig Scramble went off with a bang, Wednesday night, as 25 groups competed in wrangling a pig in front of over 100 people.

Each team had four contestants attempt to catch the pig within the 45-second limit, and place it on a barrel in the center of the corral. The team with the fastest time in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior brackets would split a $100 prize between the four team members. The catch in the whole event in the corral is filled with soapy water, making the pig extra slippery.

The cost for the event was $7 for adults, $5 for kids ages 7-12, and children six and under were free. There was also a benefit for the Marion Township Fire Department at the concession stand, with proceed going to help the department with expenses.

And while not every team was able to catch the slippery hog, the effort, smiles, and fun were what made the event even better.

Junior Division Competitors:

  • No Name – Wyatt Blais, Brayden Cogwell, Jaxyn Blais, and Maggie Leonard – Junior Winners 7.5 seconds
  • Can Am’s – James Martin, Kaebri Messersmith, Braxton Cogwell, and Easton Helgeson
  • The Piggly Wigglies – Brenzlie Moore, Bella Chastain, Kate Johnson, and Daisy Hicks
  • Swine Sisters – Macee Edwards, Alaina Cessna, Laney Wilder, and Norah Isom 
  • Dive Kids Ministry – Declan Courtney, Denver Courtney, Crete Teague, and Judah McAdams

Intermediate Competitors:

  • Pigtails – Isabelle Barker, Aaliyah Tincher, Marley Leonard, and Bryleigh Littrell – Intermediate Winners 11.4 seconds
  • War Hogs – Marissa Blais, Jenna Allen, Sara Goodman, and Dasen Kerr
  • Swine Snatchers – Clayton Hyneman, Diesel Hunter, Parker Reeves, and Rychard Troxell
  • Pigs & Pigtails – Brylynn Mills, Maci Arthur, Hadley Porter, and Neveah Nicholson
  • Hot Dogs – Hadlie Applegate, Adalynn Richey, Remington Tolbert, and Jacie Knight 
  • Notorious P.I.G – Avery Brown, Isabell Daria, Ellie Nubbie, and Violet McKee
  • Patriotic Porkers – Payton Humphrey, Grace Shiner, Sawyer Ritz, and Rachel Cummings
  • Pigs –  Isaac Dillman, Jaydon Hillenburg, Wyatt Thomas, and Camden Blevins
  • Jack Wagons – Braelyn Little, Izzy Duncan, Karsyn Coleman, and Aubree Campbell
  • Baconators – Addi John, Payton Davis, Drew Cooper, and Brantley Charles
  • Swine Time – Carlie Neaves, Wesleigh Inman, Autumn Hill, and Charli Brown 

Senior Division Competitors: 

  • Queens Court – Brycelyn Yost – Queen, Izzy Shew – 1st Runner & Miss Congeniality, Adelynne Conner – 2nd Runner Up, and Alivia Stidam – People’s Choice – Senior Winners 6.7 seconds
  • Baconators – Scott Johnson, Corbin Beverly, Elijah Jenkins, and Ben Conner
  • Hog Riders – Kensie Perry, Ava Perry, Rylan Perry, and Tre Waggoner
  • Smokeshow –  Sarah Granaur, Kaleigh Sterling, Kenzie Tillette, and Maddy Kendall
  • 4LG4L – Ava John, Emma Stone, Gabe Wilkerson, and Lana Gipson
  • 3 Girls and A Guy – Ellie Maple, Shelby Maple, Allison Hudson, Maken Mattingly
  • Piggy Got Back – Maddie Gerkin, Ella Gerkin, Elsi Arthur, and Lily Russell
  • The Pig Squad – Kayla Bergmann, Jake Bergmann, Caleb Stewart, and Emily Bergman
  • Bacon Bitties – Lydia Pfaff, Mayson Simmons, Colten Adams, and Matt Eller

Each team had a fun time attempting to catch their respective pigs, and are looking forward to trying again in the next years to come.

There are still plenty of events to enjoy for the remainder of the week at the fair, including the Goat Costume Show at 6:00 p.m. tonight, the Garden Tractors Show at the arena tonight, and the Demolition derby on Friday, July 15th at 7:00 p.m.