4-H Junior Leaders held mini day camp

LAWRENCE COUNTY – On June 15th and 16th, the 4-H Junior Leaders of Lawrence County (who are 7-12th graders) held their first mini day camp for all the mini 4-H’ers (who are K-2nd graders) at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds.

The camp ran from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and included indoor educational activities, outdoor fun and team-building activities, and food and snacks that the campers made. The mini-day campers had fun learning while the Junior Leaders had fun teaching and working with the campers.

The campers learned a lot while being indoors at the camp. They learned about the MyPlate program, weather science, sun safety, pet crafts, germ glow and hand washing, and yoga. The MyPlate program taught the campers about healthy eating followed by a game that taught what foods went with which food group.

Aerial view of the Lawrence County 4-H Fair Grounds where the mini-camp was held

During the day the campers made their snacks and lunch. They made waffle and fruit Kabobs, turkey roll-ups, cinnamon toast with a variety of toppings, English muffin pizzas, and coconut water and fruit popsicles.

Not only did the campers have fun and learn but so did the counselors. The counselors had fun helping the campers with their crafts and encouraging them to participate in activities.

The counselors also learned how to take care of the campers and how to keep them entertained for such a long time, and how to solve the kids’ problems for them and help them figure out how to help themselves.

The mini-day camp was a huge success for both the campers and Junior Leaders. The hope is to begin to make this mini-camp a yearly event each June moving forward, and after a great response from all in attendance, that doesn’t seem too far off.

Story written by Junior 4-H Leader Jacob Burrus