Lawrence County Growth Council welcomes summer intern Maddie Mullis

BEDFORD – Maddie Mullis is the newest Indiana University student through the Indiana Leadership Program to intern at the Growth Council. She is both a Senior and an Accelerated Master’s Program student studying Public Affairs Management at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Maddie Mullis

“As a resident of Lawrence County for the past five years, this has been a wonderful opportunity to get involved in my community and help give back,” said Mullis. “In just a few short weeks, I’ve learned so much more about what is happening in the community, the strengths of the community, the issues we face, and the many community initiatives that exist to better Lawrence County.” She continued, “By helping with the Growth Council’s Workforce Coalition adult education programming, I feel that I have really been able to see how they are making a tangible difference in the community.”