Rumpke issues reminders on the holiday schedule, curbside guidelines

BEDFORD – Rumpke Waste and Recycling customers in Lawrence County and southern Indiana will experience a one-day service delay due to the Independence Day holiday.

Customers should place material at the curb the night before the scheduled collection. Additionally, Rumpke reminds residents about how to safely dispose of fireworks.

“Fireworks that are not properly extinguished can reignite in trash and recycling containers,” said Bridgett Biggs, area safety manager, Rumpke. “Please soak these items in water prior to disposal.”

According to Biggs, fireworks aren’t the only items that pose a fire hazard if not properly prepared.

“Charcoal embers can cause similar issues and should also be soaked in water before placing in trash cans.”

For those grilling with propane, Rumpke asks customers not to toss propane tanks in the trash or recycling.

“Propane tanks and canisters, like the one from your home or tailgate grill, can explode when compacted inside a collection truck or during the recycling process,” said Biggs. “Instead, consider swapping an empty tank for a full one at a gas station or grocery store.”

For more information on Rumpke’s curbside guidelines or holiday schedule, please visit