Traffic signal adjustments scheduled for US 231 and 14th Street in Huntingburg

DUBOIS CO. – The Indiana Department of Transportation announces changes for a recently modernized intersection in Huntingburg.

Beginning on or around Tuesday, May 10, INDOT Crews will restrict traffic at the intersection of US 231 and 14th Street in Huntingburg to remove and replace the traffic signal heads. Currently the intersection is designed to allow dedicated left turns controlled by turn arrows. After further review of the area, INDOT will slightly modify the intersection to immediately improve traffic flow, with future projects in exploratory stages being studied based on need to determine the best long-term solution.

The current signals with turn arrows will be replaced with traditional three-bulb signal heads. Left turns will still be allowed at this intersection; however, they no longer be split phased (all the NB traffic cross the intersection, then all the southbound traffic crosses). Instead, all directions will run freely. Traffic making left turns will need to find a proper gap in traffic to make those movements. By making the left-hand movements permissive (traditional) instead of protected (controlled by an arrow) this will allow north and southbound movements to occur at the same time, increasing the efficiency and reducing queuing.

Work to replace the signals is expected to take a few hours and include removing the current signal heads, hanging the new ones, and programming the timings. Drivers should expect short delays during the project.

INDOT urges drivers to slow down and stay alert near crews.