IU Health Bloomington celebrates Arbor Day

BLOOMINGTON – IU Health Bloomington leadership and representatives from Indiana University came together at the Indiana University Regional Academic Health Center on Friday, April 29 to commemorate National Arbor Day with a tree planting.

IU Health South Central Region President Brian Shockney

“We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and education, and we join the Arbor Day Foundation in its efforts to encourage healthcare providers, patients, employees, and neighbors to enjoy the benefits of healthier lifestyles through experiences with nature,” said IU Health South Central Region President Brian Shockney. “We are incredibly fortunate to call such an environmentally friendly community in Bloomington home as we transition into the first spring season; fully operational in this beautiful new facility. We are excited to see how the Shades of Southern Indiana come to life, providing comfort to patients and harnessing the power of nature to heal. This dedication to preservation truly supports the community we serve by creating calming spaces for healing and reflection, encouraging people to be active, purifying the air we breathe, and creating beautiful and inspiring urban spaces. IU Health is committed to promoting a healthier Indiana, and through events and programs like these, we are one step closer.”

The event culminated with the planting of an 8-year-old Bur Oak tree. This tree is known for being a hardy species, and a quintessential campus tree for Indiana University.

“I look forward to seeing this tree, and others like it, grow alongside IU Health Bloomington for years to come,” said Shockney.

Shockney, IU Horticulture Manager Tristan Johnson, PLA, and IU Health South Central Region Chief Operating Officer Alan Biggs assisted with the planting by placing the first shovels of soil. IU Health Bloomington at the Indiana University Regional Academic Health Center is proud to be recognized by the Abor Day Foundation as a Campus Healthcare institution. IU Health Bloomington is the only Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus Healthcare campus in