The Rockville Correctional Facility congratulates three staff members on their promotions to correctional sergeant

ROCKVILLE – Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) Warden Julie Stout and Deputy Wardens Stacey Milner and Pam Ferguson joined together in a pinning ceremony celebrating the promotions from the rank of Correctional Officer to Correctional Sergeant of Logan Starkey, Kayla Tome, and Allison Walker.

The correctional sergeant is an integral cog in the daily management of a facility.  Correctional sergeants are first-line supervisors for correctional officers assigned throughout the facility and beyond.  Among their most important responsibilities are keeping communication lines open, and providing staff with critical policy and procedure information.  Correctional sergeants are an important contact point for offenders seeking clarification of policy interpretations and implementation.  

Sgt Starkey
Sergeant Logan Starkey and Major Randy Smith

Sergeants Tome, Walker, and Starkey began their careers at RCF as correctional officers in November 2018, June 2020, and August 2020, respectively.  Each of these staff has continuously gone above and beyond in their performance of daily duties including volunteering for specialty training and making themselves available to coworkers as information conduits on various policies and procedures. 

Sgt Walker
Sergeant Allison Walker and Major Randy Smith

These attributes led to each of these staff being called upon to serve as Field Training Officers, cementing their roles in the team approach to problem-solving, which continues to be key in the success of the Indiana Department of Correction.  All three of these sergeants are Transportation Staff ensuring public safety and offender accountability are maintained when moving offenders from one secure location to another. 

Sgt K. Tome
Sergeants Kayla and Devon Tome

“Each of you has been selected for promotion from a very talented group of applicants,” said Warden Stout. “We expect you to keep up the hard work that led you to this moment and continue to move the facility forward.”