Flynn & Sons Excavating & Paving Inc. awarded the contract to pave county roads

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners awarded Flynn & Sons Excavating & Paving Inc. the contract to pave area roads in Lawrence County Tuesday morning.

According to Interm Highway Superintendent, Brandi Webb Flynn & Sons submitted the lowest bid.

Highway crews continued to cut brush and fill potholes.

The commissioners also approved paying $10,249 to complete three bridge inspections for closed or pedestrian bridges.

The commissioners were also made aware that Knotting Hill Drive, which is currently a private road, has been improved and now meets county specifications. The commissioners will vote next month to approve the road as a county road.

In other business:

Community Corrections Director Chad Shew requested permission to apply for Indiana Department of Correction grants to support community correction and probation programs for the county. The total amount of the grants is more than $700,000.

Rodney Fish

“This is admiral, in the job you do and the amount of grant money secured for this county,” added Commissioner President Rodney Fish.

Chief Probation Officer Nedra Brock-Fleetwood told the commissioners this morning, that the Veterans Court has been approved and officials are just waiting on the certification to arrive.

She had applied and received a grant for $52,185 which will pay for the salary of a caseworker, program books, and incentives for those sentenced to the court.

She also applied and received a $60,000 grant which will be used for pretrial relief work. This way an inmate can be interviewed prior to going to court.

“The goal is to get people out of jail quicker,” Brock-Fleetwood added.

Chief Deputy Gregg Taylor reported there were 150 inmates in the jail this morning, of those 119 were males, 31 females, three Level 6 felons, 12 Department of Correction holds and two parole holds.