2022 Referendum Community meetings

BLOOMINGTON – The 2016 voter approved operating levy for Monroe County Community School Corporation is set to expire at the end of 2022. Over the last year or so, the Board of School Trustees and district administration have been reviewing options to address the financial situation.

MCCSC invites community stakeholders to engage with us in this process to determine community support and to provide input that will assist the Board of School Trustees with their decision on renewing or increasing the operating levy through a referendum in November 2022.

 The process includes:

  • A community opinion survey (completed Fall 2021),
  • A Referendum Advisory Committee, made up of community members and school staff who have been meeting since March for a series of four in-depth meetings on school finances,
  • A series of meetings with parents and community members.

You Are Invited
The Monroe County Community School Corporation will be providing information on the impact of the referendum has on school programming, staffing levels and the overall financial situation at a series of community meetings in May. Please find the list of meeting dates and times below. We invite you to attend one of these meetings. If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to review the presentation after the May 12, 2022* meeting and submit any comments or questions to mccscsupt@mccsc.edu. We want to hear from you.
We need your support!
Thank you! 

May 9, 20225:00 – 6:00University
May 9, 20226:30 – 7:30Tri-North
May 10, 20225:00 – 6:00Binford
May 10, 20226:30 – 7:30Jackson Creek
May 12, 20225:00 – 6:00Summit
May 12, 2022*6:30 – 7:30Co-Lab*

 *This presentation will be recorded and posted to the MCCSC website.