Monroe County Community School Corporation students honored for personal achievements

BLOOMINGTON – On April 21st,  the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools honored twenty students from all MCCSC high school programs at The Personal Achievement Banquet.  Each student was nominated for a Personal Achievement Award by a high school teacher, counselor, or administrator.  These students have overcome significant challenges in their young lives while continuing to pursue their high school education.  The award winners come from all walks of life, range from freshmen to seniors, and have diverse plans for life after high school.  We are proud to honor these exceptional students.

Five students were awarded $500 scholarships provided by the IU Credit Union.  Students receiving scholarships are:

  • Jordan Tolden, Bloomington High School South
  • Ella Francis, Bloomington High School North
  • Samuel Fischman, The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship
  • Micah Wallace, Hoosier Hills Career Center
  • Josiah Leming, The Bloomington Graduation School

Also receiving awards:

  • Josiah Leming, Senior at BGS
  •  Aidan Aker, Senior at BHSS
  •  Nueraili Ayituerke, Senior at BHSS
  •  Unique Busch, Senior at BHSN
  •  Jacob Castillo, Senior, BHSN
  • Samuel Fischman, Senior at ASE
  •  Ella Francis, Senior at BHSN
  •  Brendan Gillam, Senior at BHSS
  •  Diego Gomez, Freshman at BHSS
  •  Kaitlyn Wong, Senior at BHSN
  • Brooklin Hendershot, Senior at HHCC
  •  Marie Hogan, Senior at BHSS
  •  Alexandra King, Senior at BHSN
  •  Vincent Kreft, Junior at BHSN
  • Makenzie Lynch, Senior at BHSN
  •  Destiny Morgan, Senior at BHSS
  •  Nikhil Patel, Senior at BHSN
  • Murry Ross-Harman, Senior at BHSS
  •  Jordan Tolden, Senior at BHSS
  •  Micah Wallace, Senior at HHCC