Bloomington Farmers’ Market will host IU Students at “A Day at the Farmers’ Market”

BLOOMINGTON – For the second year, the Bloomington Farmers Market is pleased to host IU students and intern nutritionists at “A Day at the Farmers’ Market”.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Westhafer

Camille Jordan, IU Residence Life Coordinator for The Avenue on College, enlisted her off-campus residents to come and interact with local growers and producers of natural foods. Key program goals were to learn how to make healthy food choices, distinguish between locally grown vs. conventional produce, and discover healthy alternatives to snack food. Not only did residents become familiar with how to financially support small businesses, but they learned how vital the Farmers’ Market is to their local community.

The Saturday market is held at the Showers Common at 401 N. Morton Street from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Saturday’s performance on the Farmers’ Market Circular Stage features the band Psychic.


Psychic is the duo of Adam Sommer and Ben Myers. Their guitars weave songs into evocative landscapes. References could include bicycle rides, nighttime campfires, Pink Floyd’s Meddle, late 90s/early 00s Sonic Youth, a less bombastic Young Team-era Mogwai, or a more mantra-oriented form of the YES rock band. Psychic performs this Saturday at 9:45 a.m. at the BCFM.

This Week’s New Vendor Profile:”Barge Hill Gardens”

Joining the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market is Barge Hill Gardens, one of the new cut flower and produce vendors. 

After a year of experimenting with cut flowers for their home garden, Kelsey and Gretchen Heard will be growing and selling everything from daffodils to tulips, zinnias to sunflowers, dahlias to mums, and more.They are focused on sustainability to both minimize environmental impact and foster thriving ecosystems.They’ve spent the last three months laying the foundation for flowers this spring, which has included breaking ground on beds, building a high tunnel, some vanity landscaping, and planting over 3,000 bulbs.

Kelsey (foreground) and Gretchen (background) attend to a customer at last Saturday’s Farmers’ Market.

They will also provide peppers, onions, squash, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, tomatillos, radish, peas, beet, turnips, carrots, corn, watermelon, and pumpkins.

They are both Bloomington residents, and are excited to  meet you at the Farmers’ Market. Watch some of their work on YouTube and visit their website at

Get the most out of your Market Bucks

The Bloomington Parks Foundation is continuing its support of the Double Market Bucks program by increasing the doubling amount of SNAP benefits at the Market up to $27 per Market day for the remainder of the 2021.

How to Double Your Food Stamps at Market

  • During Saturday Market hours, go inside City Hall to the counter where you see the “Use Your SNAP (food stamp) Card Here” sign. During Tuesday Market, go to the Market information table.
  • Use your food stamp card to purchase as many Market Bucks as you like. Market Bucks are available in $3 increments, and can be used like cash to buy farm products from market vendors.
  • As long as funding is available, you can double the value of your SNAP (food stamp) purchase. For every $3 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits you exchange, we will give you $6 in Market Bucks!
  • Draw up to $27 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits, and receive up to $54 in Market Bucks to buy fresh-from-the-farm, healthy, locally grown farm products at the Farmers’ Market.

What to do with Leftover Market Bucks

Keep your unused Market Bucks to spend the next time you shop at either the Saturday or Tuesday Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. Market Bucks expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are purchased.

What you can buy at Market when you exchange food stamps for Market Bucks:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • breads and cereals
  • meat and poultry
  • dairy products
  • jams and sauces
  • maple syrup and honey products
  • seeds and plants that grow food
  • baked goods that are wrapped, labeled, and intended for home consumption

Stretch Your Food Stamp Dollars!

  • Buy in bulk at a discount and preserve by freezing, canning, or drying
  • Buy when products are at the height of their season
  • Buy seeds and starts and grow your own food
  • Buy “seconds” when you don’t need perfect-looking food-e.g. tomatoes for sauce

How to get to the Farmers’ Market

  • Access to the Saturday Market via Bloomington Transit is #2 West 11th St. via Showers Complex. The bus runs every 60 minutes on Saturdays. Call (812) 336-7233 or visit
  • Access to the Tuesday Market at Switchyard Park via Bloomington Transit is #2 South Rogers/Countryview. Call (812) 336-7233 or visit
  • Vehicle parking for the Tuesday Market is available at the parking lot off South Rogers Street. Use 1611 S. Rogers St. in your mapping app to find the Switchyard Park entrance.
  • On-street parking for the Saturday Farmers’ Market is available around the Market in metered spaces for $1 per hour, and in the Morton Street Garage at Seventh and Morton Streets (entrance is on Morton Street) for 50 cents per hour. Parking rules are enforced on Saturdays.
  • Take the B-Line Trail to the Farmers’ Market Plaza next to Showers Common for Saturday Market, or to the Switchyard Park Pavilion for Tuesday Market.