North Lawrence Career Center Educators Rising Club held state conference in March

BEDFORD – The North Lawrence Career Center Educators Rising Club for students exploring the pathway to working in the field of education held its state conference on March 30 in Indianapolis.

Mattea Miller and Kendra Chinn during their presentation

For the first time, the EdRising chapter from the career center attended the conference with several competitors, showing off what they had learned and projects they had been working on.

Lydia Scales (left), Chase Hardesty and Malloree Stroud

Lydia Scales and Malloree Stroud were voted in as State Vice President and Secretary, respectively, while Chase Hardesty of Lakeland Schools was nominated as State President.

Malloree Stroud and Kalandra Sears placed first in the Interactive Bulletin Board competition. Bailey Sowle placed first in Children’s Literacy Pre-K. As well, both groups scored high enough to compete at the Educators Rising Nationals Conference and Competition held in Washington DC in June. ISTA is sponsoring their travel, hotel, and registration fees.

Bailey Sowle

If you would like to know more information about Educators Rising, it can be found here: And, if you have any questions, please contact Beth Felts at: