Bedford Historic Review Board approves signage requests

BEDFORD – The Bedford Historic Review Board held a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, to approve requests for Joshua Jackson of Jackson’s Barber Shop and Socrates Montano of Cazuelas restaurant to approve the certificate of appropriateness for new signage.

During the previous meeting on March 28th, Cazuelas was requested to update the color scheme to the signage that will be installed on the building located at 905 15th Street. Socrates sent in an updated design that will include lighting behind the signage to illuminate the image during the later hours of the day.

The updated logo to Cazuelas restaurant

The updated design was approved by the board and awarded the certificate of appropriateness to Cazuelas restaurant.

During the March meeting, the request for imagery that will be only placed on the window, and will not be signage protruding from the building was introduced. However, due to the request not being on the agenda, the board had advised Jackson’s Barber Shop to attend the April 25th meeting for approval.

The image that will be placed on the window at 1515 J Street for Jackson’s Barber Shop

Board member Ryan Griffith advised holding a special meeting to be held on the 6th, to approve the request sooner. The request to include the logo of the company will be placed on the window at 1515 J Street for Jacksons’ Barber Shop was approved.

The final item discussed was the addition of a new awning, new windows, and painting to the front of the building at 911 15th Street. This item, requested by Seth Nikirk and Barry Ransom for their Gallery House, was requested to be moved to the April meeting, and therefore was tabled during the March 28th meeting.

Planning/Zoning Director Brandon Woodward

Planning/Zoning Director Brandon Woodward attempted to make contact with Nikirk, who was out of town during the Wednesday meeting but was unable to do so. In response, the board voted to suspend the agenda item from future meetings until the duo makes contact with the board in request to include it in a future meeting.