Duke Energy is upgrading equipment to improve service in Nashville

NASHVILLE – Duke Energy is strengthening part of its electric grid in the Nashville area to improve reliability and reduce power outages. The company is rebuilding and improving an 8.4-mile section of power transmission line between Duke Energy’s Morgantown Substation on State Road 135 to its Bean Blossom Substation at 648 Gatesville Road.

Bruce Calloway

“This important work is part of a multi-layered energy grid improvement strategy to help improve electric reliability and resiliency and strengthen the electric grid against severe weather and other impacts,” said Duke Energy government and community relations manager Bruce Calloway. “Making the right investments today means that the energy grid customers and their families depend on will be better, more reliable, and more responsive in the future.”

Crews are upgrading approximately 160 wood utility poles with steel poles along the transmission line. The new steel poles will be stronger, more reliable, and about 5 to 10 feet taller than the existing wood poles. They also are more resistant to damage from insects, woodpeckers, and other species. Trained tree personnel will also inspect and clear vegetation along the lines. Work on the project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by late summer 2022.

Customers may see electric utility equipment in the area of the line improvements, including utility bucket trucks, utility pole setting equipment, and large spools of power lines. Crews will work along with the power line rights of way and, in some cases, may need access to backyards and other areas of the property to work on the line.

This work builds on a series of improvements to the Nashville-area electric system over the last few years. Duke Energy recently completed upgrades to the Nashville Substation, integrating technology that allows the company to closely monitor electricity use, optimize power distribution, and quickly identify problems that may pose a threat to the system. Crews have also upgraded more than 50 utility poles in the area in recent years and have added new wires to increase system capacity.