Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission provided updates to Marshall Township TIF and Mitchell Shell Building MOU

LAWRENCE COUNTY – The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission provided updates to the Marshall Township TIF projects and the proposed Mitchell Shell Building during the Thursday morning meeting.

All of the funds for the Avoca Park project have been completed, the funds for the Briarwood wastewater project, as well as the matching grant for the purchase of a utility vehicle for the Marshall Volunteer Fire Department. The potential fairground projects that were previously discussed have been moved to the April Commission meeting.

Christopher Noel

Marshall Township Board and Avoca Park Board member, Christopher Noel, took a moment to thank the commission for their continued support with the park and fire department during the public comment section.

The proposed Mitchell Shell Building Memorandum of Understanding information was shared with Mitchell Mayor J.D. England, who discussed the details with the city legal counsel.

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Proposed Shell Building concept provided by Jeff Quyle

At the advisement of this council, language will be changed in the contract to no longer include the City of Mitchell taking on the building once it has been completed. There was also concern that the building would meet city standards, which Commission President Jeff Quyle assured would be satisfactory.

Commission President Jeff Quyle

The commission will need to wait for the City of Mitchell to discuss this during a future City Council meeting for final approval, and upon approval, to potentially help provide more opportunities for the citizens in Mitchell.

The final item that was discussed was the motion to approve the payment of $13,744.14 to Baker Tilly for their assistance in the filing process for the auditor’s office. The office is required to file all necessary reports to the State of Indiana through an online gateway. This was unanimously approved by the commission, before adjourning.