Explore Indiana’s Trails in a new WTIU documentary

BLOOMINGTON – A new documentary from WTIU Public Television explores some of the 6,000 miles of hiking, pedestrian, and biking trails in Indiana.

The Hoosier Way: Trails of Indiana premieres Monday, February 28 at 8 p.m. on WTIU and simultaneously streams on Facebook Live.

The program takes viewers on a tour of some of Indiana’s finest outdoor nature trails, hikes, rails-to-trails conversion projects, and urban trails systems, revealing the beauty and wonder of the Hoosier state’s natural habitats.

Across the country and within the state, unused railroad corridors are being converted to public multi-use trails. Indiana towns and cities—small and large—are dedicating funds, space, and precious resources toward paved recreational routes for residents and guests to enjoy. Indiana’s extensive state parks and dedicated nature preserves offer some of the state’s finest outdoor nature trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Turkey Run Canyon tracks through forested ravines await hikers at Turkey Run State Park. The park covers more than 2300 acres.

From the expansive, the rolling wilderness of Hoosier National Forest to the sandy paths and reed-filled marshes of Indiana Dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline, to the paved rail-line conversion of Indianapolis’ Monon Trail and a burgeoning list of rail-trails across the state, Indiana’s trail systems boast a rich array of terrain, flora, fauna, history, and culture.

Sandy trails criss-cross the intricate ecosystem of Indiana Dunes State Park, passing through marshland bogs, tree-covered dunes and lakeshore beaches of Lake Michigan’s southern shores. Indiana has more than 45 miles of Lake Michigan beachfront.

The documentary reveals that these scenic, winding trails embody the Midwestern experience—a wandering, laid-back mix of curious adventure-seeking and complacent contentment.

Following the premiere on WTIU and Facebook Live, the program will be available to watch on this website starting March 1. The Hoosier Way: Trails of Indiana is made possible with support from IU Credit Union and JL Waters Adventure Outfitters.