New angler creel survey being conducted on Ohio River

OHIO RIVER – As part of a collaborative project with five other state fisheries management agencies, Indiana DNR will interview anglers at Ohio River public access sites during a creel survey this year to better manage the river’s fish populations.

Creel survey clerks will ask anglers questions about their fishing trips, fishing preferences, and demographics. They will also measure harvested fish.

Indiana DNR will use this information to evaluate angler use of the river’s resources in Indiana. It will also allow agencies to compare across the 981 miles of Ohio, from the headwaters in Pennsylvania to the Mississippi River confluence in Illinois.

Surveys in the upper pools of the river have already begun and are scheduled to begin in Indiana’s pools this month. In the winter months, creel survey clerks will focus on access sites near the tailwaters below dams. From mid-March to mid-October, clerks will randomly visit all public access sites.

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