Springville woman lands new charges when jail officer finds meth stashed in her bra

BEDFORD – A Springville woman was arrested Tuesday when a Bedford police officer stopped her vehicle after spotting it at the fuel pumps at Revere’s Food & Fuel and recognized the female driver, 28-year-old Lacy Taylor who was wanted on a warrant.

Lacy Taylor

As the officer approached the gas station, Taylor drove from the fuel pumps and parked behind the building.

The officer approached the vehicle and confirmed the driver was Taylor. There was a male passenger in the vehicle. 

Taylor was detained on the warrant for failure to appear.  The male was released.

While processing Taylor at the jail, a jail officer located a baggie of meth, a glass smoking pipe containing meth, and a plastic straw containing meth residue in her bra.

She was then charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.