Indiana leads the nation in Geospatial Maturity

INDIANA – Indiana received an “A” on the latest Geospatial Maturity Assessment (GMA), which provides National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) members with an assessment and view of geospatial initiatives, capabilities, and issues within and across state governments.

States are assessed every two years by an independent team, graded in ten unique areas. Indiana, due to the collaborative community, great efficiency, strong leadership, and diligent work of the statewide GIS partners was the only state to receive an “A”.

State Geographic Information Officer, Megan Compton, applauds the Indiana GIS community and all sectors involved in this effort.

“This effort crosses local, regional, state government, universities, NPOs, and private sector partners,” Compton said. “We are integrating geospatial initiatives into all government operations, allowing Hoosiers to utilize essential data and supporting Indiana’s Next Level Initiatives. Thanks to many partners and stakeholders, we are making an impact on everything from agriculture to economic development and public safety to flood mitigation.”

The assessment is intended to assist state governments with setting goals, identifying peer states for collaboration, identifying areas requiring attention, and connecting with opportunities and resources. Completing the GMA also offers state governments a chance to reflect on their geospatial strategy, operations, and progress.

NSGIC has also published the results of the GMA in an interactive geospatial web map application with dashboards, which allow users to take a deeper dive into the results, interacting with individual state and collective national results, bringing to life the visual patterns and trends in the data.