Classic Bowling Lanes donate bowling pins to auto body program

BLOOMINGTON – The Hoosier Hills Career Center is learning how to repair and paint vehicles through the generous donation of bowling pins.

Jennifer and Jeff from Classic Bowling Lanes

Auto body students take the bowling pins through the same process they would for preparing and painting a hood of a car. They clean and sand the entire pin. They then apply Bondo which goes into any cracks or holes that need repair. Once that dries they sand with rough to extra fine sandpapers before a final buffing of the entire surface to ensure it is smooth and without flaws. If there are flaws then it shows up greatly in the painting process. The next step is to prime and then paint the pins with whatever design the student chooses. Sometimes they airbrush, or add a decal they have created.

This project gives them practice on the entire process of repairing and repainting a surface with the ability to add their own artistic flair and have an item to take home and even use to demonstrate to a potential employer.

Vincent showing off his finish product.