Indiana’s DNR announces passes, permits and tags are now on sale

INDIANA – 2022 Indiana state park passes, lake permits, off-road cycling permits, and horse tags are now available at DNR property offices and front gates, as well as online.

A visit to an Indiana State Park or State Forest remains a great bargain. Campers find themselves wrapped in thousands of acres of forests, meadows, lakes, wetlands, and prairies. A Hoosier family of four can spend an entire day in a park to picnic, bike, hike, swim, and enjoy nature exhibits and programs for $7 a car. Add in the cost of picnic supplies, and it is still cheaper than the cost of dinner or a movie. And no dinner or movie equals the value of sitting outdoors at a picnic table with trees, birds, bugs, and trails to discover.

User fees currently pay about 91 percent of state park operational costs. Appropriations from the State’s General Fund pay the other 9 percent. That 9 percent translates to about 53 cents per Hoosier in taxes each year for day-to-day state park operations.

The 2022 permits are valid from January 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022.