LCIS Board shares updates to policies and staffing


FAYETTVILLE – During the Lawrence County Independent School Board meeting Wednesday night, the board reviewed multiple policies and staffing updates.

President Trisha Turner shared that Kroger Foods donated two $500 gift cards that will go towards the food services program for students in the event of a continued food shortage.

LCIS Board President Trisha Turner

The board also shared an amendment to the employee handbook in reference to full-time employees and holiday leave. These specified days include:

  • New Years Day (adding two additional days)
  • The Thursday and Friday of Spring Break
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • The Thursday and Friday of Fall Break
  • Thanksgiving day and the following Friday
  • Christmas Day
  • Should a holiday land on the weekend, the day off will be included on either a Friday or Monday that is closest to it.

The organizational chart for LCIS has not been updated since the school’s application. Since the headmaster stepped down back in July, the LCIS Board Members have taken on the responsibility of managing the school themselves instead of governing like they are meant to.

Principal Joanne Symcox

A response to this includes the posting of a new position for the Director of Finance and Operations to help with managing the school. The purpose of posting this position is to gauge the interest of those considering applying to the school. This motion was unanimously passed by the board.

The board turned the time over to Principal Joanne Symcox who reviewed with the board previous activities that were a success for the school overall.

The school hosted a Veteran’s Day program, celebrated the kitchen staff by having students bring in home lunches to give to the kitchen employees, and even hosted a “Friendsgiving” event for all of the students.

LCIS Board during November 24th meeting

They also hosted a Book Blast event that raised over $14,000 that gave every student at least three new books to read, as well as books for every teachers’ classroom. Gradient Technology also donated $200 for STEM Learning purposes for the school.

Principal Symcox also reviewed additions to the teaching and faculty staff at the school. These additions include:

  • Regina Weir as an Elementary Special Education Coordinator position effective December 6th
  • Josh Davis as a part-time Maintenance Employee
  • Jacqueline Lyons will be moving from part-time, to full-time as a food worker and a resource aid (20 hours in the kitchen and 12 hours as the aid) effective December 1st
  • Alexis Beard will be a long-term substitute for a 3rd grade class until the end of the year, or until the position can be filled

The final note from Principal Symcox was in regards to pest control services for the school, and have settled on using Black Diamond Pest Control for these services moving forward.

President Turner made a final note of wanting to introduce the USDA Farm to School Grant in an attempt to include an edible garden at the school. This will help teach the students about agriculture and offer a hand on experience for LCIS students. The hope is to have community and parent feedback on the inclusion of the grant prior to approval.

Brenda Mescher with Education One shared an update with their assistance to the school. With the holidays close together in November and December, the site visit from Education One will take place on Thursday December 9th. The attendance of the school is down 1.8% and sitting at 91.8% with room for improvement.

The overall Organization performance of the school, including Charter School requirements and Special Education, have met expectations. The evaluation of the school will be available on December 15th and will allow strategic planning for the school to take place over winter break.