Cold weather tips for energy savings

INDIANA – A look at the weather forecast for the coming weeks is a good reminder that it is not too early to begin thinking about ways to conserve energy and avoid big jumps on heating bills during the coming winter months.

Here are some quick things everyone can do without a lot of effort to conserve energy:

Check for leaks – Check hoses, piping, regulators, and burners that could be prone to leaks. Fireplace dampers should also be closed to prevent the escape of warm air when not in use.

A heating system tune-up – Efficient systems are less costly systems.

Insulation – A home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer if it is well insulated (not to mention conserving energy. Pipes and water heaters also benefit from being insulated.

Thermostat –Always keep your thermostat lowered to conserve energy when you are not at home. Even a small decrease in temperature for 8 hours a day can provide big savings.

Window Coverings – Direct sunlight from open windows can help heat your home. Closing them after dark will help to keep your heat inside as well.

Ceiling fans – Use your ceiling fan to force the hot air back down by switching the fan blades to run counter-clockwise and turning them off when not in the room.

For more information on thermostat-related energy-saving tips, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy