Finishers announced for the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5k and 1 mile walk

BEDFORD – Bedford Federal Savings Bank presented this year’s Limestone Capital Half Marathon, a 5K, and 1-mile walk to over 300 participants and many onlookers of all ages.

Chris Taylor, age 14, finished this year’s half marathon in 1 hour 12 minutes, and 32 seconds.

This year’s top finisher in the 5K category was Patrick CasaSanta, 23, of Bloomington with a time of 19 minutes, 47 seconds.

Patrick CasaSanta, Bloomington, top finisher Limestone 5K

“This feels great, this was my first race in a long time. I feel great about it, a very nice confidence booster,” said Patrick CasaSanta following Saturday’s race. This is CasaSanta’s first time visiting the city of Bedford.

“It was a beautiful run, a great ending with a long stretch uphill. I think everyone should run, it’s a good meditative practice,” CasaSanta concluded.

Patrick came to the race with his good friend, Justin Graham to take part in Saturday’s race.

Justin Graham who finished second at 20 minutes and 20 seconds in Saturday’s race grew up in Bedford. “He let me leave him alone until he figured out how to race again, the last mile he (Patrick) picked up the last stretch,” said Graham. ” This feels great to come back to Bedford to see something like this going on downtown which promotes health. My sister oversees a running club at Lincoln Elementary School. I encourage the community to continue this event,” Graham added.

Erika Batz crosses the finish line in the mile category in 11:47:48

Erika Batz age 8 crossed the finish line at 11:47:48 in the mile category on Saturday. “I practiced for about a month to be able to compete today,” said Erika Batz who is homeschooled.

Some of the competitors that took place in the race included people that came from out of state to be part of the fun. “My mother was born raised, along with my grandfather, in this area and it was her birthday weekend so I had to come and race, Cris Smith who came from Michigan to be part of the event. “It was a pleasure being here and a lot of fun to be part of this,” said Smith.

Elaine Hoffmann
Elaine Hoffmann walked during Saturdays Limestone Capital Half Marathon

The event has several people of all ages who take part including 74-year-old Elaine Hoffmann who walked a mile. She has only missed of the Limestone 5K events. “I normally come in first in my age group, except one year when I had a competitor,” said Hoffman jokingly. “Most people my age usually do not want to admit how old they are, or they just cannot do it. I really enjoy it, my daughter encourages me to take part in these types of events. Of course, she has competed in the Iron Man, marathons, and other events. So I am doing these and enjoying taking part,” said Hoffman.

The Lincoln Elementary School Running Club had over 30 students who took part in the event on Saturday.

“When Bedford first started this race about six or seven years ago, they had a school challenge. I was working at Stalker started a running club at the time to get youth involved with running. I am a huge believer in the lives it can change and the impact that it can make. Then when I transferred to Lincoln I started a running club with Kathy Hammel. This year there were 78 students take part in the club. The students, over the last six weeks, have been walking and running and getting stronger. Their endurance has improved,” said Ms. Spence.

Half Marathon Top Male Finishers:

  • Chris Taylor 14, Painesville, OH – 1:12:32:06
  • Logan Barrett, 28, Jeffersonville, IN – 1:19:01:49
  • Sam Compton Craig, 35, Elletsville, IN – 1:19:39:14

Half Marathon Top Female Finishers:

  • Staci Fiddler, 51, Bedford, IN – 1:41:03:62
  • Rebecca Roberts, 43, Springville, IN – 1:47:28:99
  • Joanna Hackney, 42, Bedford, IN – 1:55:16:30

Top Male 5K Finishers:

  • Patrick CasaSanta, 23 Blooomington, IN – 19:47:47
  • Justin Graham, 41 Bloomington, IN – 20:20:33
  • Jesse Page 27 Springville, IN -21:06:96

Top Female 5K Finishers:

  • Chelsea Buckman, 31, 26:12:70
  • Madison Chandler, 13 Bedford, IN – 29:14:47
  • Sophia Jewell, 12, Bedford, IN – 29:45:17

One Mile Top Finishers:

  • Erika Batz, age 8 – 11:47:48
  • Leland Dodd, age 5 – 11:54
  • Alexis Yeskie – age 14 – 11:54:11

Complete results of the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5K and 1 mile walk can be found here.

“This event benefits the Bedford Parks Department, which hosts several events throughout the year, and helps host the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5K, and 1-mile race with several sponsors throughout the community,” said Jordan Webb Bedford Parks Department.