Deer reduction zone season begins Sept. 15

INDIANA – Deer reduction zones give hunters opportunities to harvest deer in defined urban areas and along portions of Indiana highways in addition to the harvests allowed by statewide bag limits elsewhere in Indiana.

Check out the DNR map to find a zone near you.

There is a statewide bag limit of 10 for deer harvested in reduction zones during the reduction zone season. To fulfill the earn-a-buck requirement for the reduction zone season, a hunter must harvest a doe before harvesting a buck, both of which must be counted toward the reduction zone bag limit when checking in the deer.

Hunters will need one of the following licenses to count deer toward the reduction zone season bag limit: deer reduction zone license, resident youth hunt/trap, lifetime comprehensive hunting, or lifetime comprehensive hunting/fishing license. Archery equipment and crossbows can be used in deer reduction zones starting Sept. 15.

Areas located within deer reduction zones are not necessarily open to hunting. Hunters will need to obtain permission to hunt private property located within reduction zones or contact public property management to clarify if the property allows hunting or has certain restrictions.