Martin University plans to clear student past due debt

INDIANAPOLIS – Martin University today announced that it would clear past-due account balances for more than 200 students. The move will provide much-needed relief to students who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are blessed to provide these students with an opportunity to continue their education without the burden of financial debt caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Martin President Sean Huddleston. “Students should not have to take time off from receiving an education due to these unforeseeable circumstances.”

The university utilizes grant funds from the federal government, HEERF III Funds through the Cares Act, to clear the students’ debt.

The vast majority of students who will receive the aid are those continuing but not yet registered because of past-due account balances. Also included are students who stopped attending college entirely because they and their families could not afford to pay. Graduate and undergraduate balances are eligible for this funding.

“The pandemic reduced my income, and I was unable to continue my education because I didn’t have the income I was used to,” said Pastor Timothy Taylor, a senior at Martin. “This is an incredible opportunity that has allowed me to complete my lifelong goal of finishing my education.”

Students who would like to know if they qualify for the aid should contact the Bursar Office at 317-917-3238 or e-mail Additional information can be found at

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