Bedford Mayor Craig strives to improve the beautification of the city

BEDFORD – Bedford Mayor Sam Craig has placed his efforts towards making Bedford’s beautification a priority. This priority will improve the cleanliness of the city and improve the curb appeal for our residents and visitors alike.

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig

The Board of Works approved PowerWasher LLC bids to power wash limestone walls, benches, and tables along the square.

The cost of the project is $3,400.

Gateways at Edgewood, Otis Park, and Wilson Park are also scheduled to be cleaned. However, a timeline for these projects to be completed has not been established as of yet.

A black film has emeged on the stone fronts of the the walls that were erected about five years ago. Some say the black film was created from vehicle emissions. Once these stone surfaces are cleaned they should not need cleaned again for another five years.

“We continue to work to improve the beautification of the city and make it more attractive to our citizens and visitors,” said Mayor Craig.

Mark Perry Bedford Street Department tremoves weeds along 16th Street Monday

In addition, the workers of the Bedford Street Department have been working along 16th Street trimming weeds along the sidewalks. This has been a challenge with the surmountable rain fall we have recently received.

Dan Banks Bedford Street Department uses a weed trimmer on sidewalks near Edgewood addition Monday

” We have been working on weeds and tall grass that have been growing on city-owned property,” said Mayor Craig.

City officials have made a focus on improving the City of Bedford a better place to live, work, and play through a combination of efforts and programs.