In-patient drug treatment facility moves on to next process step, Bedford City Council

BEDFORD – The Bedford Plan Commission approved Michael Coryea’s request to re-zone a property at 2620 Industrial Park Drive from I-2 General Industrial to Professional Residential District.

A stipulation that the facility must erect a fence was placed on the conditions of the facility. The length and specifications of the fence have not been decided on the facility during the vote Tuesday afternoon.

The vote passed by 4 to 1. Plan Commission member Bryon Buker abstained from the vote, Steve Kimbley was absent from the meeting, and Craig Turpen casted a vote against the motion.

Michael Coryea talks about the proposed facility to those attending Tuesday afternoon.

The decision came after Coryea appealed the vote held in May after Coryea failed to attend the last meeting.

The meeting Tuesday afternoon was well attended with approximately 80 people in attendance for the meeting.

Several residents in the area of the proposed facility spoke against the proposal. While others supported the facility, saying it was something needed for the Bedford area.

Rev. Chris Perry Guide Point Church supported the re-zoning

Residents submitted a petition over 83 names from the area who opposed the facility. City Councilman Larry Hardman who represents the area stated he was responsible for fielding the phone calls regarding the re-zoning. Larry stated all calls received opposed the re-zoning. He asked the commission to vote against the zoning request.

Bedford City Council member Larry Hardman spoke against the proposed re-zoning.

Michael Coryea answered all the questions and concerns of those attending the meeting. This will be an in-patient facility with security and staff monitoring the location at all times. The facility will be monitored by the State of Indiana and licensed to provide care and treatment.

Coryea will start off with a 39-bed facility with plans to expand it in the future.

Plan Commission member Angel Hawkins pointed out that during a discussion with fellow plan commission members it surfaced there were not any residents, that spoke against the proposed facility, where their properties touched the proposed location.

” No one who spoke against the facility lives on Kenny Simpson Lane or Industrial Park Drive,” stated Hawkins

Three of the Bedford City Council members Brad Bough, Larry Hardman, and Ryan Griffith talk prior to the Bedford Plan Commission meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The proposal moves on to the Bedford City Council with four Bedford City Council members attending which included Hawkins, Hardman, Brad Bough, and Ryan Griffith.