State eliminates state fees for five-year and lifetime handgun permits

INDIANA – The state government has eliminated state fees for the five-year and lifetime licenses to carry a gun.

Indiana State Police has the administrative duties of processing all licenses. Most of the applications are done online, and the process requires a background check and two sets of fingerprints, one for state police and the other for local police.

So after you start your application and submit it you will be given an opportunity to schedule your fingerprints.

There is a charge for both sets of fingerprints. IdentiGO, one of the locations approved by state police, charges $12.50 to get fingerprinted. An appointment is required.

Everyone who applies for a license to carry a handgun is required to pass a background check from their local police department, which includes fingerprints.

Your handgun permit will then arrive in the mail.

Because of the expected demand for a lifetime license to carry a gun, state police say it could take weeks if not months to process all the paperwork and to mail the new license.