Two graduate Problem Solving Court this morning

BEDFORD – Thursday morning was a time of celebration for two people who graduated from Lawrence County Superior Court II Problem Solving Court.

Judge Bob Cline opened this morning’s celebration with Judge William Sleva presiding. This will be Judge Sleva’s last graduation ceremony. Judge Sleva retired from the bench this year.

Judge William Sleva

“I believe the problem solving court is probably one of my proudest accomplishments,” said Judge Sleva.

Graduating this morning were Barbra Brown and Dustin Ross. They successfully completed the program, finding employment, establishing healthy relationships, and actively taking part in recovery programs.

“Life is hard, but I am very fond of you all, and wish you all the best. I do not want to see you back here in court,” said Judge Sleva in his closing remarks.

There are 31 active participants in the Lawrence County Superior Court II Problem Solving Court. The mission and goal of the court is to provide change, promote public safety, and assist participants in remaining clean and sober lives as productive members of society.

Judge Bob Cline

“They have worked very hard during their time in the Problem Solving Court II to turn their lives around.” said Judge Bob Cline.

“They have established employment, furthered their education, assumed family responsibilities and actively participated in recovery programs. They continue to display an attitude that makes them successful role models for other participants and members of the community,” Cline concluded.

Both received a letter from Indiana Supreme Court Justice Loretta H. Rush who was not able to attend this morning’s ceremony.