Two men arrested after a fight

BEDFORD – Two men were arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to a home in the 1710 block of C Street after a report of a domestic fight early this morning.

The caller reported their father was intoxicated and was yelling at her stepmother. The caller then said 37-year-old Bryon Watson was armed with a knife. 

Bryon Watson

The caller stated that she, her 5-year-old niece, and 4-year-old nephew, had locked themselves in a bedroom.   

Dylon Roll

Officers arrived on scene and found 19-year-old Dylon Roll, standing on the edge  of the road. 

He told police Watson was breaking televisions and had shoved his wife and he was still inside the house. 

Roll stated, “I had to watch my mom get abused so I didn’t take it lightly and he and I started fighting.” 

Roll said Watson pulled a knife on him so he beat Watson.

Officers entered the residence and located Watson who was walking towards the front door.  

Watson was detained. 

He had redness and swelling and abrasions on his face. 

Watson told police he was upset that his daughter and Roll have been having an intimate relationship.

Watson told police Roll had choked him unconscious from behind and then started hitting him in the face. 

He then changed his statement saying he “blacked out” as he was being hit in the face. 

Watson told police he was hit in the face about seven times.

He denied the allegations that he had a knife. He said they were trying to “blackmail” him for having been in trouble with knives before.

Watson said he wanted to press charges against Roll.

 Officers then spoke to Dylon. In a video recorded statement, Dylon advised that Bryon told police Watson had started yelling at the female and he stepped between them telling Watson to calm down. Watson then told Roll, “Bring it. I have been waiting for this”.

Roll said Watson came at him and swung but missed. He then hit him in the chin and he then kicked Watson in the face. Watson then allegedly ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife so he ran out the door.

Watson then began yelling at the female again and shoved her. That is when Roll grabbed Watson from behind and punched him in the face. They exchanged punches once they touseled to the ground.

Roll suffered bruises on his right hip and left forearm and a cut on his right elbow and left index finger and had swelling on his left cheek.

The woman who was pushed told police Watson had “went to grab for it (knife), but didn’t grab it” and she had pushed him away from it. She told police Watson had been drinking and was upset because he didn’t have his phone. 

The other female said she saw Watson grab the knife and came at Roll with it as if he was going to stab him. She told police the other woman took the knife out of Watson’s hand. The knife was found on Watson’s bed covered up with some blankets. 

Both Roll and Watson were arrested.

Watson faces charges of battery resulting in bodily injury and intimidation. Roll faces a charge of battery resulting in bodily injury.

Watson was on house arrest from a previous conviction. His ankle bracelet was removed before he was transported to jail.